Benjamin Kidd

I am a Newcastle based digital marketer with a passion for creativity

Where I’ve Worked

2019 - Now

Marketing Assistant at Science Photo Library

2018 - 2019

Account Executive at Bubble Agency

2015 - 2018

Social Media & Marketing Assistant at ENVY Post Production

Science Photo Library

Email Marketing

X-ray pioneering to genome engineering!

We’re star struck

Connecting the dots

Science as art

Invisible foe

Super system

Science Photo Library

Video Production

APOLLO 11 3:26

The Eagle has landed

Alexander Semenov 2:26

Exploring Parallel Universes

Chernobyl 1:03

As it happened

Go with the flow 0:58

A beautiful collection of mesmerising fluid art

Up close and personal 1:02

The minuscule details of the world

Absolute Magic 1:40

Beauty of Science

ENVY Post Production

Web Design

Within ENVY I worked as the Social Media, PR and Marketing Assistant.

The company originally began as ENVY Post Production, and over the 10 years prior to my employment it slowly grew a sister company, ENVY Advertising. The company website hadn’t been refreshed in 8 years and neglected to effectively market ENVY Advertising. After six months in my Marketing position at ENVY I approached the Managing Director with a proposal for two websites for both ENVY Post Production and ENVY Advertising, allowing both arms of the company to effectively showcase their work, talent and facilities. 

Take a look at the websites:

ENVY Post Production


Design Work

Throughout my career so far, I have always been relied upon for my design and content creation skills. I have never stopped learning and have taken every opportunity to take on any new tasks that pull me outside of my comfort zone. Included below are HTML Emails, Banners, Advertisements and Social Media Content.

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